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The MPNRC Fund 
It's time to get fired up !!

An awareness of the environment,
sustainable living, alternative energy
and managing our impact on the natural world has never been more important.
We all need an environment connection.

This is what we do.

The MPNRC Fund uses its resources to promote sustainable living and meaningful environmental issues.

It supports projects which
   Provide publicly accessible information and education on environmental issues
   Promotes change towards sustainable living in our community.


How can you help ??

You can support these activities by becoming a "MPNRC FRIEND" and make a regular tax deductable contribution.

For only $10 a month you will know you are helping the environment and making a positive contribution to your local community.

Alternatively you can make a one- off donation of any amount.

This is how your
contribution will be used.

Your contribution will be used to fund environmental projects chosen by an independent committee, who make decisions 

on how donations are to be spent.

□   I am unable to become a MPNRC Friend but want to make a one-off donation of $............
□   I will become an "MPNRC FRIEND" and pledge at least $120 per year

It is best to set up periodic payments using internet Banking. But you can donate for one year using a cheque (made out to MPNRC Fund) or a money order for $120 or more

□   $10 / month or specify an amount $............

□   $120 / year or specify an amount $............

□   I have set up an internet banking periodic payment of $............ per year to MPNRC Fund (BSB 105-067 Acc number 02902290240)

□   I enclose my cheque or money order to MPNRC Fund for $............

C/- Mount Pleasant Natural Resource Centre
132 Melrose Street
Mount Pleasant
South Australia 5235

Download pdf printable form


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